Church Growth Strategists

Our Mission:


We help churches, like yours, develop a practical strategy for reaching your community in new ways that will result in measurable growth.



Thank you for stopping by! We fully believe that the local church is God’s “Plan A” for advancing the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, and we want to help you in bringing revitalization to your church. Making a choice to take the lead in remodeling your church’s mission will result in rejuvenation and growth in attendance.

Dr. Bobby Brewer, Lead Strategist


Is your church stuck?

Few churches plan on going into a slump, but it can happen to the very best of congregations. The good news is that you don't have to stay there. There’s no silver bullet, but an objective analysis of your church with some outside eyes can provide you with the insights that can get you back on track again. Likewise, more than likely there’s also some low hanging fruit that could result in some positive change almost immediately. 


How We Help Churches

We focus on 3 main categories when helping church leaders structure a strategic plan to revitalize your churches. Through clarifying current strengths & focusing on areas of opportunity, analyzing both demographic & psychographic findings and helping define specific church branding, we provide the necessary tools needed to grow your congregation in a healthy way.


Clarify strengths &
Areas of Opportunity

Your church already has strengths. Generally we can objectively show you how you can make the most of some “low hanging fruit” which will yield a quick turn-around in results.


Analyses: Demographic & Psychographic

Demographics reveal the racial, socio-economic, gender, age, and other characteristics of your community’s population.

Psychographics reveal what your community thinks, i.e., their hopes, dreams, concerns, attitudes, and their perception of Christianity. In short, like a missionary, this will help you with getting into the mindset of your church’s community.


Church Revitalization
through Re-Branding

Based upon your church health surveys, secret shopper reviews, and a psychographic analysis of your community, we can then recommend a practical and strategic plan that will bring revitalization to your church and bridge the divide church to community