Plans & Pricing

We’ll start you out with a church marketing assessment. This will help us identify your strengths and where we need to make progress. Choose the plan below that’s best for you.



Jump Start … $599

Includes the following:

  • Demographic and Psychographic Analysis
    This info will update you on who your community is and how they think

  • A Church Health Survey

    • This is similar to going in for a physical, except that it's for your church.

    • The survey will reveal some of your areas of opportunity that need attention and strengths that you maximize.

  • Social Media Coaching

    • We'll show you some tips that can make your website and social media presence more appealing and relevant.


Comprehensive Analysis … $1,000

Includes all of what you get with Jump Start and:

  • A custom fit outreach strategy for your church and community.

  • Rebranding. This includes strategy, music, first impressions, and new logo suggestions.


Church Health Survey … $300*

Generally speaking, our opinions are heavily influenced by our own experience, tradition, and emotion. The church health survey will provide you with an understanding of what your church thinks about itself. This, however, is compounded by information from your surrounding community including that of non-believers. An outside perspective is always going to provide you with some of the most realistic data. that measures a church’s perceived health in six purposes of the church: worship, evangelism, fellowship, discipleship, prayer and ministry. Church leaders choose a sampling of the church membership to complete the 30-40 minute survey, and we provide a 40-page report for the church. The process and directions are self-explanatory, and the final report includes suggestions for addressing concerns raised.

*Generally, we survey 15% of the active attenders of a church. For churches up to 300 in attendance, the cost is $300 for a survey package (45 surveys, 45 answer sheets, and a 40 page report) plus a $10 shipping charge.

*For churches over 300 in attendance, the cost is $300 plus a per survey cost, in addition to a $10 shipping charge.